Security Testing Software

We build security into every stage of software development to ensure all your enterprise solutions are safe to use and operate, as well as that they meet established corporate and business requirements.

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We put a wide range of systems to the test

Operational solutions of various natures and purposes, we depend on our long-term presence on the IT market and collected knowledge in full-cycle software engineering.

Enterprise web applications

We do web application security tests to verify that critical security measures are working effectively, security features are configured correctly, and ongoing security monitoring is in place.

Mobile Apps

Our security experts follow best practices in mobile security to assist businesses in establishing end-to-end protection for corporate and customer-facing mobile apps across all platforms.

Cloud Apps

We detect and eliminate cloud security issues using our advanced cloud computing skills, helping our clients to feel as secure in the cloud as they would with on-premises systems.

Embedded System Software

Embedded firmware analysis and testing are included in our services. We work to ensure the operational and data security of stand-alone and linked devices by preventing security issues.

Various Software Testing Scenarios

Our security experience comprises a wide range of testing techniques to cover all testing scenarios and help businesses with their targeted security efforts.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our security experts use the best vulnerability scanners to look into target solutions to find, classify, and analyse vulnerabilities that put them at risk. Organizations can take action and remove detected weaknesses based on the results of our tests.

Security Audit

As a routine or pre-certification service, we perform software security audits. Our experts will examine your IT environment to determine whether security configurations and management processes are correctly applied and meet official requirements.

Penetration Testing

Following the OWASP guidelines, our ethical hackers imitate cyber attacks to evaluate the resilience of software and its readiness to withstand a real break-in.

Compliance Testing

Our services include end-to-end application security audit and detailed tests for each of the standards in force (HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, GDPR, etc.)

Security Code Review

We examine source code to ensure that tested applications have all of the necessary security protections and are performing as expected.We detect code deficiencies that can compromise applications, their environments, and data they process.

Security Stress Testing

We perform stress testing to assess software behavior in attack-like situations. We can reveal vulnerabilities that can be exploited during DoS/DDoS attacks and result in a system’s partial or complete disablement.

We Make Security An Essential Component of SDLC

We incorporate security into the software development lifecycle, adhering to strict security guidelines during the engineering phase and assuring enterprise application security after release. We build security pillars at all levels, helping organizations minimize the risk of security incidents throughout the SDLC and release cyber-immune solutions.
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Our Security Testing Method for Web Applications

Dynamic Application Security Testing(DAST)

While applying this black-box testing technique, our certified ethical hackers try to compromise a running web app from the outside. By simulating the most popular cyber attacks, we check how reliable and ready a web app is to hold out against a real intrusion.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

We perform SAST concurrently with app development to verify the solution contains no flaws and can be deployed securely. This white-box testing method aids in the production of healthy and secure web apps while also lowering the cost of post-deployment testing.

Client-Side App Security

Trying to execute attacks on the client-side of a web app, we reveal how susceptible the app is to commonplace attacks, including XSS, HTML injections, CORS, clickjacking, etc. We assess the severity of identified flaws as well as their potential impact in the case of a successful penetration.

Server Side App Security Testing

We look for server-side vulnerabilities as part of web security consulting to discover weaknesses that could allow cyber criminals to gain access to web or database servers and cause major damage to corporate assets. We make certain that the server defence is adjusted properly and that there are no gaps.

Consulting for High-Level Security System

When organizations need to go beyond typical security checkups, Divine Pnc comes with extended security services. We'll tailor them to meet your demands for laying a solid security foundation for all present and future software.

Security Planning

We create a unique guide to security measures based on organizational infrastructure, deployed and planned software, as well as financial capabilities.With a long-term security plan, we assist companies in establishing software security.

Security Recovery

When a company experiences an attack or struggles with security issues regularly, Divine Pnc comes with remediation scenarios.To avoid future breaches and remove security threats, we patch affected solutions and implement security measures.

Security Enhancement

We assist organizations in need of advanced security. We improve existing security controls, we select and implement new features and tools for ongoing protection and 360-degree monitoring of internal and client-facing solutions.

Choose Your First Step To Improved Your Software Security

At all levels of Software security consulting, we provide our clients with tangible deliverables for them to take optimal security steps and measures.

Detailed Security Testing Report

We finalize our security testing with an all-inclusive report that sums up performed activities and detected security issues sorted by their severity, cause, and nature

Ready To Apply Security Measures

Our security engineers compile a list of countermeasures to remove revealed security flaws. We can also provide security specialists to put these security recommendations.

Short Term/Long Term Security Strategy

As part of software security consulting, we provide a comprehensive security strategy that covers every area of software security management at your company.