Mobile Operating System

Divine pnc develops mobile applications that work "where and when" your business needs them - on any device with any operating system, at any time.


Utilizing our You'll get an app with platform-specific functionality and a native style and feel because of our cross-platform mobile development skills, giving you a greater reach.

Mobile Web

Divine Pnc creates mobile web apps that share the same code for different mobile makes and models while avoiding platform-specific APIs using a "write-once, run-anywhere" methodology.

of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something "they couldn't live without”
of decision makers read their e-mail via mobile devices
of mobile customers start research with a branded app


We'll guide you through the whole process of transitioning your app from a single-platform legacy environment to a multi-platform mobile ecosystem, from a thorough assessment of your legacy portfolio to the creation of a highly intuitive mobile interface that ensures higher user adoption.


of Internet users are utilizing their smartwatches for surfing the web
of mobile users say that seamless brand experience across all devices is important
of B2B marketers consider mobile apps to be extremely important for content marketing

Divine Pnc’s Mobile Development Cornerstones


We focus on optimising mobility performance by fine-tuning loads, building optimal backend environments, and providing a quick user interface.


From the beginning of app development, we follow best security practices and industry standards to mitigate potential security risks.


We provide mobility solutions that use a variety of APIs, data connectors, and communication protocols to connect to current infrastructure.

User Experience

To design the best mobile experience that is consistent across all devices, we apply a user-centered approach.