Custom Fleet Management Software

We Create custom fleet management software to help commercial and public-sector fleet operators increase their performance through meaningful automation.

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Our Speciality

Our speciality in custom system development to cover particular fleet tracking, maintenance and diagnostic operations, as well as addressing safety and regulatory compliance. We manage automation to each fleet management stage through web portals, mobile applications, custom-built SaaS platforms, and integrated modules — you can choose the type of solution you need and we’ll make it work for you.

Fleet Telematics and Tracking App

Our GPS tracking and telematics software for embedded automobiles accumulates and structures geospatial and performance data from onboard sensors and connected systems. These vehicle-connected apps can monitor routes, mileage, fuel consumption, speed, driving patterns, downtime, and many more, which allows companies to prevent Based on the collected information, the software helps work out proactive maintenance operations, optimize route planning, prevent accidents, and more.

Vehicle Maintenance & Management

Our engineers implement end-to-end automation of vehicle management, from vehicle acquisition and registration to disposal, speeding up associated workflows and improving cross-team data transparency. We also build and integrate modules that collect data on vehicle operation and give alerts in case potential issues or critical problems are identified, both on and off the road, facilitating preventive maintenance and timely inspections.

Fuel Consumption Control Apps

Our specialized custom fuel consumption control apps can be connected with telematics and vehicle tracking systems to allow companies track fuel from purchase to consumption, show patterns per vehicle, identify showing fuel misuse, and check compliance with applicable corporate regulation.

Driver Safety Management

Our custom solutions can be used as comprehensive interactive databases of in-house and contracted drivers, including with license and contractual data. In addition to these 360-degree profiles, we can also build apps for driver control to monitor driving style, performance, and schedule observation, check compliance with road safety policies, and give warning in case of any violations.

Dispatch Management

Our custom dispatch management systems serve as job assignment and allocation hubs, connecting back-office personnel such as call centre reps and dispatch managers with drivers. These systems enable smart route planning and optimization, improve real-time communication between all involved parties, and aggregate essential reports via interactive and highly visual dashboards.

Accident & Claims Management

We rely on our expertise in business process automation, document management, and insurance technology to help your work done faster, when it comes to managing risks, accidents, and claims. With our smart collaboration-centric solutions for driver training, accident registration, claim filing, and risk analytics, you can decrease downtime and disruption while speeding up case handling.

Compliance Assurance

Our compliance-centric solutions collect information about every fleet operation aspect that is controlled by federal or local regulations and they help you track your compliance to state and corporate policies when it comes to fleet maintenance, cargo handling, work conditions, driving permits, and more. These solutions will give you peace of mind anywhere you run your fleet. From template-based workflow management that reduced human error to audit-ready inspection and performance reports.
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Grow Your Margin With Smart Features

Our fleet management software development expertise extends to build innovative solutions that help lower operational costs, increase process visibility, and improve overall fleet performance.
The Divine Pnc team uses automates time-consuming and error-prone fleet management operations, particularly connected with manual data input and paperwork, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and ML-driven workflow automation in areas such as:
  • Communication and reminder
  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Vehicle Routing and scheduling
  • Document generation and exchange
  • Driver profiling and evaluation
  • Vehicle Inspection
We set up big data collection, quality check and processing for you to source real-time insights from the pool of your operational, geospatial and administrative data records. Our data scientists and business intelligence consultants collaborate to leverage AI algorithms in your smart reports and interactive dashboards that visualize historical and real-time data to inform on:
  • Driver and vehicle performance over a period of time
  • Proper time for vehicle maintenance
  • Activity anomalies
  • Growth points
  • Route optimization opportunities
  • Non-compliance risks
Our team specializes in software for embedded technologies, such as electronic logging devices and engine control modules, and set up an IoT ecosystem of connected sensors to automatically collect data that is necessary for ensuring compliance with industry-specific and safety regulations and to send alerts when there are issues with:
  • Driving behavior
  • Speed limits
  • Vehicle condition
  • Fleet movements
  • Fuel consumption
Our smart solutions for hands-free data entry and driver communication come with natural language processing and voice recognition capabilities to ensure safe driving and faster information exchange. This voice augmentation extends to in-vehicle and back-office systems.
  • Voice-based in-vehicle control
  • Third-party voice assistant integration
  • Context-aware interactions based on road conditions and driver history

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Our Fleet Software Detail

Our services cover the whole fleet software development cycle, from creating fleet management apps from the ground up to connecting important third-party solutions.

Tech Consulting

When you’re in need of a consultant who could create your future fleet management solution, pick the best-fitting tech for its development, and convert your requirements into a technical specification, you can find all of these competencies at Divine Pnc.

Software Development for Fleet Management

Our company develop custom apps that help manage a large variety of fleet operations, ensure easy access to information, and assist in planning. We can create a new web or mobile app, transfer your legacy system to the cloud, as well as integrating third-party tools of your choice.

Upgrade & Maintenance

We create fleet management software for the long term, staying to maintain its efficiency at all times and add more new features as your business evolves. We’re equally up for auditing and re-engineering your existing tool if you feel it underperforms.